Inspirations and Awards

Apparently, I have finally made it past the novice stage in WordPress, as I was nominated for my first award today. RifatMursalin, on whose request I had written the Surviving College post a few weeks back, showed his appreciation by nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Now the first thing I did after receiving the award was to scan WordPress forums for the rules. Rifat had already given me the rules, but I wanted to see if there was anything else, and especially if I really needed to nominate 15 blogs, especially since I am only following about 7 or 8 at this stage.

After much searching, I finally stumbled onto a thread about these awards, saying that they are more or less chain letters, not endorsed by WordPress, which does not have any official awards.  But are these awards really a bad thing? Although there were some issues raised about having irrelevant backlinks and how much Google hates them, I think these awards do have some benefits.

First of all, they are given by fellow bloggers on WordPress, and can show increasing popularity of and respect for your blog. Secondly, they increase your level of interaction with fellow bloggers, and also encourage you to explore WordPress blogs that don’t get featured on Freshly Pressed. Thirdly, they encourage you to step out of the theme of your blog, whatever it is, and write something personal about yourself.

In any case, thank you, Rifat, for nominating me. Here are seven facts you never knew about me:

  1. I want to learn to fly one day.
  2. I consider Urdu and English my mother tongues, and I am reasonably fluent in German from my time in Switzerland. I also know a couple of other European languages, but am not very fluent in them, so I will skip mentioning them here.
  3. My dream is to build my own aerospace consulting practice, and then take a month long vacation to an exotic spot between projects (hopefully every 3-4 months) and write my novels there. That would really be my ideal life.
  4. My favourite dishes from my time in the US are New England clam chowder, steamed/broiled lobster with drawn butter, stuffed pizza, quesadillas  and a half-half Belgian chocolate/cappuccino milkshake.
  5. My favourite dish from Switzerland is fondue (moitie-moitie, non-alcoholic). And I love all bakery stuff from there, including shoeggigipfeli, nusstange (nut-rolls), vanillestange (vanilla rolls) and all sorts of cakes.
  6. From Pakistan, I love nihari, haleem, kofte and qeema samosas.
  7. And I am quite a good cook.

I am following less than 10 blogs right now, so I cannot nominate 15 inspirational blogs right at the moment. So I will go ahead and nominate the ones that do give me a lot to think about:

  1. AsiaDreaming
  2. TheParallelLife
  3. HotMilkForBreakfast
  4. BookOfWords
  5. TheByronicMan (I admit I find him inspirational in his hilariousness (should I be saying hilarity (should I really be using so many brackets)))
  6. LifeInMarrakesh
  7. Psyche’sCircuitry
  8. AfterTheFinalCurtain
  9. Leah’sBlog

I hope these blogs will hook you just as they have me.

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