Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Farnborough and Paris

I have been avidly following the Farnborough Airshow, and cursing myself for not making the effort to fit it into my schedule. Let’s see if Airbus or Boeing will come out on top at this show.

Boeing has started off with a $7.2 billion order from Air Lease. But Airbus seems to be generating a lot of news with an announcement made during the Airshow to revamp the A330 series. Don’t forget Airbus made a similar announcement to revamp the A320 (A320neo) barely 18 months ago in December 2010, which marked an ordering frenzy that has given Airbus firm orders for 1600 planes, and options on nearly 350 more of the A320neo.

Malaysia Air has already expressed an interest in the revamped A330, as it phases out its older Boeing 747s and 777s. So this Airshow is still anyone’s game.

I was very pleased to learn of the $1 billion order that Bombardier received for the CSeries yesterday. Although I have worked more on the CRJ series than I have on the CSeries, the CSeries is still closer to my heart. I just have a thing for the underdog, and I do want to see Bombardier succeed in carving out a name for itself in the narrow-body market, and break out of the niche it has made for itself in the regional jets and business jets market.

Since I am not at the show, I might as well console you with some photos I took at the Paris Airshow 2011.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s international debut at the Paris Air Show

I dragged my poor client from Airbus behind the fence later on to see the Dreamliner up close. I insisted that as aerospace engineers, the natural curiosity and appreciation of the art must beat loyalty to the company feeding us. I think his French chivalry could also not say no to a woman.

Solar Impulse’s hangar at the Paris Air Show

I did not go in since I have already seen the plane a number of times at the Solar Impulse hangar in Dubendorf, Switzerland. Notice how the only patch of blue sky that day appears to be above where the Solar Impulse was parked …

You can also see the tail of the Boeing 747-8 on the right hand side of the photo.

The crowd looks up at the exhibit flights.

I have no idea who the poor man in the front of the photo is. I debated passing this photo through Lunapic to blur his face, but then I would need to do that for all the others standing at the back. I was standing with my back to the airfield as I took this photo. All the spectators are looking up at  the sky as the exhibit planes take off from the airfield to give their demonstration flights.

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