A cool photo-editing web application

When putting up the photos in my previous post, I came across an online tool that will prove useful to many of you. Most of the photos I had of Cote d’Azur had my husband or I in the frame. Since I wish to remain as anonymous as possible on this blog, to avoid past stalkers, I did not wish to put any of these photos up. After all, with Facebook’s Facial Recognition technology, who really can stay anonymous anymore if they have images floating around the internet.

I did a search on Google for blurring faces in photos and came across LunaPic. It is an online photo editor that does much more than blur faces. It includes most of the functionality of any photo editor software out there, including over 200 special effects in addition to the usual functions for crop, sharpen, monochrome, etc. And it is completely free to use. That sure beats paying more than $100 for a photo editing software like Adobe Elements 10 (the Family Version of the software), just to edit a photo a couple of times a year. The Adobe Photoshop CSS version, which is meant for professionals, comes in even pricier at $699 for a full installation or $35/month for a subscription.

The way LunaPic works is that the user must upload the photo (s)he would like to edit. After uploading, the site takes one to a new page, where the photo is centered in the frame, and all editing options are listed in a menu bar on top. Click on any individual tab to see all possible options in that menu. The site also lists a history right below the current version of the photo, so that one can easily switch back to a previous version of the photo. There is, of course, also the usual “Undo” option.

After the user is satisfied with the changes, the new version of the photo can be downloaded directly back to the computer. The best part is that one is not asked to provide an email address to access any functionality, including downloading the edited photo. Here is what I achieved:

The last photos has not been edited as well as an intermediate or expert user can achieve. But that is due to my lack of skill rather any limitation of the software. And it more than meets any expectations I had. In fact, I think that most basic and intermediate users, like me, out there would find this tool more than adequate for any photo editing needs they may have. Since I have no knowledge about expert users and the functionality they need, I cannot say how useful they will find LunaPic. However, I do suggest they should still check it out, even if only for curiosity’s sake

Oh, and for those of you who would like the direct link to the “Blur Faces” functionality, here it is.

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3 thoughts on “A cool photo-editing web application

  1. But, what happens to your original photo? Is it deleted from their site as the edit takes place?

    • I admit that is one point that worries me. However, since Google, Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and God knows which other websites already have so much personal information about all of us, I figured I preferred this risk rather than having my face revealed on this blog.

      • I know what you mean, and I certainly would have reservations about positing anything recent (recognisable). Facebook’s the one that worries me, which is why I really only use it as a wall – even then, I don’t use my real name.

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