A wind farm near El Poris in Tenerife

Renewable Energy in Spain

I have seen the occasional wind turbine when driving through Germany. I have also seen them in UK, sprouting like trees, here or there, on the hills. I have seen many small hydro projects all over Switzerland. Really, every community seems to have one. The most impressive bit so far, however, was the off-shore wind farm I saw in the distance when taking the Ferry from Scotland to Northern Ireland.  It was the first offshore farm I had ever seen.

Surpassing all of these countries now, in my opinion, is Spain. I have seen wind farms, solar farms, and hydro projects everywhere we drive. Here are some of them:

Driving from Granada to Motril

Hydropower on Rio Guadalleo, with wind turbines in the background

Wind Power in Tenerife, near El Medano beach

A wind farm near El Poris in Tenerife

A wind farm near El Poris in Tenerife

Considering that Spain has a population of only 46 million, it is impressive that it already has over 26GW of wind power and 4GW of solar power. Compare this with the United States, where about 45GW of wind power is installed in a country of 312 million.

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