The Harbour Club

I finally found a place in Tenerife that helps recapture a little bit of the atmosphere I found at the Six Senses in Koh Noi. It is The Terrezza at the Harbour Club in Los Gigantes. We just stopped for a coffee and cake in their outdoor courtyard that looks onto the pool and the sea beyond. Look at this photo if you don’t believe me.

The island you can see in the background is La Gomera.

The mood music in the background only adds to the atmosphere, again remniscent of the Six Senses. All the hotels and cafes I have till now seen in Tenerife have been very in-your-face. The hotel we are staying in (in the city of Puerto de la Cruz) is no exception, although the view there is gorgeous.

The Terrezza at the Harbour Club blends in with its environment, creating an atmosphere of peace, quiet and harmony that was just what we were looking for. Oh, and did I mention that the chocolate cheese cake was delicious?

In general, I was very taken by Los Gigantes. All the developments are new, and in harmony with the environment. Local architecture is used, and hotels follow the slopes of the mountains, with a terraced model. It appears that this part of the island was developed at a later stage than Puerto de la Cruz and Santa Cruz. The hotels in Puerto de la Cruz seem to have been developed in the 70s and 80s and are very typical for that period of time, when building a tall block of concrete was considered trendy.

In my case, I chose Puerto de la Cruz just because I wanted a more tropical and green environment. Los Gigantes is on the south of Tenerife, which means it has huge barren cliffs and mountains, beautiful in their own rights.

So, if you want to come to a small beautiful town on the Atlantic coast, that still maintains the feeling of a village, while having all the luxuries of new, modern hotels and vacation homes, then come to Los Gigantes.

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