Videos of the Week

Two must see videos of the week, or even this month:

1)      When the Moors Ruled in Europe, produced by Bettany Hughes, The documentary, which was aired on BBC several times over the last few weeks, and many times over the last several years, gives a previously ignored version of history of Islamic Spain. Bettany shows how the learning that took place in Islamic Spain, especially in the town of Toledo, was the prelude to the Renaissance, and also the basis of the foundation of Oxford University and the University of Bologna, considered the world’s oldest existing university. I must admit I am left thinking at the end of the documentary how things would have been different if Muslim presence had continued in Spain. Would Islam and Christianity have grown as sister religions and communities? Would Europeans have looked at Muslims as their neighbours, and not a threat? Would the great divide that we seen between the two cultures today still have existed?

2)      I loved the interview of RyanAir chief, Michael O’ Leary, on Bloomberg today. He was interviewed by Francine Lacqua on the show, “Eye to Eye”. I have not been able to find a video link for that yet, but I am sure the interview will continue to air on Bloomberg over the next few days, so do catch it, if you get the chance. Michael was dynamic, honest to a fault and just plain entertaining. I must admit I got a small crush on him in the process. He threw many controversial ideas out there for low cost airlines to make their tickets even cheaper, including charging for toilets, giving standing room on short flights, etc. I must admit that when I read these ideas in the news several months back, I found them a little silly and stingy. But now hearing them directly from the cat’s mouth, I can see the advantages. After all, if I can get a ticket from Zurich to London for 10 Euros, then I would not really mind paying to go to the toilet.

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