Let’s try this again

I started blogging a couple of years ago. But I made one silly mistake. I gave my real name to WordPress. I thought I was entering required information that would remain private, especially since I had chosen a display name that revealed little . In reality, I had updated my profile data, which meant that using my name as a search term, anyone could be directed to my blog.

Now, why was this a problem? Well, I had always meant for my blog to be anonymous. I was not planning to enter any scandalous or controversial opinions or information on the blog. However, like any writer who writes a daily or weekly column, my blog also contained references to my private life. I felt comfortable including these references since my readers were either those whom I had personally invited to view my blog, or strangers in the cyber world who had no previous connection with me.

I was not at all prepared for the fact that my name was in any way connected to this blog. Or that details of my private life, however harmless, would be available to potential employers, mentally unstable individuals, or anyone else I had no wish to give a window into my life.

In any case, I have now learnt my lesson. And for other writers who wish to blog anonymously, remember that WordPress just requires an email address to start blogging, not any other personal information.

So, why ‘Funny Phuppo’? ‘Phuppo’ or ‘Phuppi’ is the Urdu word for Aunt, more precisely, your father’s sister. When my oldest nephew was just a year old, I was the only aunt who made him laugh. My sister-in-law labelled me ‘Funny Phuppo’ and the name stuck as, over the last ten years, I welcomed more and more nieces and nephews into the world.

I did first try to get the user name ‘Mad Pilot’ but it was already taken. My cousins gave me this nickname when I first told them I wanted to be a commercial pilot when I grow up. Although I did not become a pilot, nor have I even learnt how to fly yet, but this user name would have still reflected my professional background in the Aerospace sector more than ‘Funny Phuppo’ does. Still, I am not going to waste more time in coming up with an appropriate name for this blog.

I have a lot to say and an opinion on just about everything, so I hope to see you here again soon.

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One thought on “Let’s try this again

  1. you weren’t the only aunt to make him laugh, you were just the only aunt present at that point in time:D

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